Web Design Services

Ping Tat designs professional websites for customers, enhances clients' company images, helps clients to expand oversea markets, and allows people all over the world to know your company.

We also create mobile version websites for clients, automatically detect the device and open the corresponding web version (tablets open mobile version).


Other Than Designs

Apart from designing services for clients...



Ping Tat is willing to give back to the community, be enthusiastic about public welfare, and donate to the proverty in Hong Kong and other countries. Helping people in need which is the foundation of happiness, hope you will concern about the proverty and help them.....

Online Software

Ping Tat offers professional online software production services for clients, including online questionnaires, product catalogs, online albums, cloud, online stores, CMS systems, website login systems, guestbooks, etc., making your website more professional and interactive. (Production costs depend on software requirements)



We mainly offer Cantonese transcribing service for clients, we can catch every word of the Cantonese word of the speech, conference, subtitle, conversation, lyric, etc. and transcribe the contents to formal Chinese.


Typing Service

Ping Tat converts printed contents, handwritten manuscripts, book contents, old documents, etc. into computer text files. Languages include traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and English, the service charges will depend on the quantity of text input.The more the input quantity, the more the discount you enjoy.


Other Services

Ping Tat also provides services such as printing, photo retouching, email marketing, survey data analysis and report, Google ads, Facebook updating and online questionnaire production, our professional services will help your business grow.

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Ping Tat has already had 18 years experiences in advertising design and I.T. services, we are your wise choice!